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  • The Basic annual subscription fee is $99 per vacation rental listing.
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  • With our site, travelers may contact you directly, through your website link, or by making an inquiry through our site.  Our goal is to help customers find you.
  • If you do not agree that our site has increased traveler interest in your listing after one year, we will cheerfully extend your listing.
  • Offer applies to listings in good standing, with up to date calendar, rates, photos and contact information.


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The subscription level you select determines your listing position on Standard is our most popular level and gives great listing positioning. If there are many listings in your area, you may want to upgrade to the Professional level to be towards the top of the CVH search results. If there are not many listings in your area, Economy or Classic  may work well for you.

No Additional Fees or Commissions


REMEMBER: There are no additional fees or commissions charged on any bookings generated from the website. ALL of the leads go right to you! We allow you to display as much contact information as you wish, including phone numbers AND websites! Unlike the National Listing Sites, CVH does not charge the traveler any booking or service fees.

No Service Fees for Renters / No Booking Commissions for Homeowners


You can keep your rental rates competitive, save your guests money, while keeping more of your money in your pocket!
Please contact us if you are a Property Manager, Realtor, or Homeowner with 10 or more properties to list for additional incentives.

Member Testimonials


"Colorado Vacation Homes gives us the ability to connect directly with perspective guests for a small yearly fee. 

Finally we can book the people we choose and they have been able to find us really easily."

Tom and Sandy B. Members since 2017

"Since joining CVH we have had many inquiries and were able to make our fee back with one booking. 

Scott is always available for our questions.  I will definitely renew!"

John M. Member since 2018


"I was skeptical of the traffic to this site but very surprised at how many bookings I've had this year. 

Most of our guests mention to us how they hate paying the fees on other sites,

we don't have a website so this site works out for us and was very affordable."

Jessica and Mike L. Members since 2018


Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I list my property on Colorado Vacation Homes?

Listing on Colorado Vacation Homes makes it easy to earn rental income. We are a Colorado based company with experience in both marketing and property management. We can offer you what the big box sites cannot, personal attention and targeted marketing to travelers who frequent Colorado for their vacations.

What do I get with my listing?

Every listing comes with everything you need to start renting your property and earning income, including room for 24 high-resolution photos, interactive map, and reservation calendar. So once you sign up, you can start to build your listing... and get bookings!

Can I control who rents my home?

Yes. You are always in charge of who rents your home. Every inquiry and booking request comes to you. You can talk to the traveler to find out more about them and make sure they're a good fit for your property. And, we do not penalize you for not accepting a booking. Sometimes the fit between renters and homeowners is just not right.

Do I have to use Online Booking?

No. This is an optional tool provided to you, should you want to use it. You are not required to use it and are not penalized if you don't.

What types of properties can I advertise?

Acceptable rental properties include houses, condos, and villas, as well as barns, boats, bungalows, cabins, cottages, estates, mansions, apartments and yachts. We do not list properties that are renting out rooms, or Bed & Breakfasts. After all, we are not AirBNB nor do we want to be.

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